How It All Started

I’ve always loved shopping. Giving is one of my love languages for sure! I get a warm fuzzy when I find just the right piece to finish off the perfect outfit. I can live for days off of that happy high that comes from securing an extra thoughtful gift for someone special.

However as a mid-sized woman that experience was often a negative one when it came to finding clothing. It was common to be sized out of a store completely or to only see low quality undesirable styles. 

I decided I wanted to build a place where women of all sizes could find not just a few pieces but an entire closet of things that would make them feel seen, valued and appreciated. If they could grab some cute, high quality, affordable gifts and accessories in the same place, well...even better.

In the Summer of 2016 Allison's Addicts Boutique launched and started bringing that kind of joy back to shopping.