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Tell Me More Game of Questions

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A Game of Questions to Deepen Connection

No matter how well you know each other, there’s always more… More connection. More surprises. More laughter. More to discover. More to understand.

Inside this box are 52 conversation-starter questions to deepen your connection with anyone you know—a partner, spouse, sibling, parent, or friend. You can ask every single one of these questions over and over again to see how your answers change over time.

Play as a game to tally up points, or use these cards more casually as a bonding activity. No matter how you use them, you’ll get to know each other so much more. And that means everything.

Every question is a chance to learn and love more about the people in your life:

What moment of your life do you wish you could live again?

If you could ask your future self a question, what would it be?

What was the highlight of your day today?

  • Who it’s for: Connect with friends or loved ones during road trips, date nights, dinner parties, or game nights.
  • Design details: Features 52 conversation starters—questions you can return to and find new thoughts to explore each time.
  • Why we love it: Every card is a chance to connect with your closest companions or across generations through questions you would ordinarily not ask.